An "Elgtun experience" at Viltgården. There are many of you who have previously visited Elgtun at Landeskogen and have missed this wonderful experience in recent years.

From the 2023 season, we can finally welcome you again, but now here with us at Viltgården. Here you will meet new and old employed guides who have been part of Elgtun since its establishment in 2015.

This is as close as you can get

We are very fond of our moose and do everything we can to ensure that they have a good life here at Viltgården. As a competence center for moose, we have a duty and a unique opportunity to study and learn about the moose's routines and peculiarities.

We want to share this knowledge with everyone, and thereby contribute to the best possible management of the wild populations in Norway.

From the time they are small calves, we follow them closely through their adolescence and watch them develop into beautiful bulls or cows. This close interaction means that we can say, with our hands on our hearts, that we have a heart for moose!

This is something many of our guests wonder. The fear of moose in the wild is entirely appropriate, and a cow with a calf can be very threatening. But, yes, our moose are born in the park with us and have been habituated to humans from day one, so they are hand tamed. But, we must never forget that they are large animals with instincts in place. That's why we always say that the park should be on the animals' terms and all contact with the moose should be with one of the keepers.

The purpose and goal of Elgtun at Viltgården is to be a competence center for moose. We have accumulated a lot of knowledge over the years and we would like to convey this to our guests, as well as to research and management bodies such as the Game Board, hunting organizations, teams and associations that have an interest in deer game.

Our offer, which means that the public can get very close to the moose to pet them and feed them, is a unique opportunity to experience the king of the forest at VERY close range.

You can only rejoice!

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We are open every day throughout the summer from June 10 to August 31

Opening hours: 11:00 - 15:00 (lining time: 12:00)

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Partner collaboration:

moose safari + ELGTUN

Elgtun has now moved from Landeskogen to us here at Viltgården and we have teamed up with Troll Aktiv to make the moose experience complete.

Moose safari is a pleasant evening trip in a minibus to see moose out in the terrain, combined with a visit to Elgtun-Viltgården for a closer look at the king of the forest. Here you can get up close to the moose and join in feeding them. Skilled guides provide detailed information about the animals along the way.

The tour starts at Troll Aktiv and winds up through the forested hills above Evje - up to us at Viltgården.

Join us on a very special safari and experience how these impressive animals live. There will also be time to explore a beaver habitat along the way.

Click on the logo for more information and booking via Troll Aktiv's website:
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