Viltgården is idyllically located in Iveland in Agder, about an hour's drive from Arendal and Kristiansand.

The main focus of the farm is to create nature experiences, but we also offer a range of activities on and around the farm, and accommodation out of the ordinary.


The activities at Viltgården naturally change with the seasons and there is always something new going on here with us.

The main focus now in the summer months will be Elgtun-Viltgården and all the opportunities for those who want a farm holiday in scenic surroundings.

Elgtun - Viltgården

Moose cow with 2 calves

During the Covid epidemic, Elgtun at Landeskogen unfortunately had to close down. But don't despair - you can now meet the moose here at Viltgården.
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Farm holidays with a twist

Campfire cooking with coffee pot

A farm holiday out of the ordinary. In addition to the moose that roam the property, we have plenty of other animals to visit. We offer accommodation in different variants. Click on the button for more information and booking.

Some samples from the farm

Hammock cuddle
Lying moose
Wild boar cubs
Campsite by the stream
Dog in hammock