Our aim is to bring people out into nature to experience what it has to offer. With us there is a wildlife a little out of the ordinary.

In addition to chickens, cats, dogs, peacocks and rabbits, we have moose and wild boar. For many, it may be exciting enough to peek in on the chickens to find eggs for breakfast?

a very unusual FARM HOLIDAY

There are well organized hiking areas on the farm, and maybe you want to sleep under the open sky? We can offer a nice shelter where you can set up your hammock and fall asleep to the sound of the stream and wake up to the chirping of birds when the morning comes.

Even though we are located in nature, it is not far away to other good activities. It is just over fifteen minutes to Evje center with shopping center, restaurants and lots of shops.

From there it is a short distance to a go-kart track, bowling alley, rafting, cycling activities and many beautiful natural gems up Setesdalen (the valley of Seetesdal).

Nature knows no bounds...
It is up to you how you use nature, as long as it is within a sustainable framework. We have organized a number of activities here at Viltgården that can suit most people.
With a view of the stars!
We offer accommodation in our fantastic Dome as an option to experience Viltgården up close. We put out beds by reservation.
It's not the size....
Fantastic micro house with top comfort! Get closer to nature without sacrificing the comfort of being at home. We collaborate with Norwegian Microhouses and offer you to rent a fully equipped home, in beautiful natural surroundings.
Cozy hunting lodge - simple standard
Just up the hill is our cozy "Jegersbu" with sleeping space for 3-4 people. Here you can live the cabin life as you did in the past - but with a little more comfort.
Prepared area for camping
We do not run a regular campsite, but there are possibilities to park up to 3 caravans/cars near the moose enclosure.
The art of sleeping under the open sky
When you sleep in a shelter, you're sleeping outdoors, but you're spared the dew that falls during the night. That makes life a lot more comfortable.

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